Maintenance Duties

  • Complete all work orders given by the Association.
  • Perform minor building maintenance (re-hang shutters, touch-up paint, change light bulbs, clean light fixtures, replace downspouts).
  • Repairing or replacing siding, roofing, electrical or plumbing repairs are not considered “minor” building repairs.
  • Inspect daily, sweep and/or hose tennis courts as necessary.
  • Monitor and clean the recycling facility enclosures and surrounding areas daily.
  • Clean external dryer vents as requested by Association.
  • Police the entire site daily and report to the property administrator and/or police department (if the property administrator is unavailable) any suspicious activities or persons.
  • Repair and paint fences as needed.
  • Clean around edges and traps of the detention basins as needed so that they are clean, presentable, and work efficiently.