Letters of Recommendation

Cross Creek Point at Englewood

January 2015

Our association has used Premier Construction Services for several large projects including fire rehabilitation project, private deck replacement project and most recently, roofing and siding project. Each project has gone smoothly to give us confidence to go back with Premier Construction Services for a bigger project.

This summer, Premier Construction Services completed a 6 million roofing/siding project for our association. The project was contracted to be completed in 6 months and was actually completed in 4 months.

Overall, we are extremely satisfied with the services from Premier Construction Services and feel that we made the right choice in selecting the best contractor for our big projects. Keith Smith is extremely knowledgeable and instrumental in resolving any isssues that come up. We would definitely recommend Premier Construction Associates for your next project.


Gary Hoffson
Board President
Cross Creek Point Condominium Association

Renaissance on the Ocean, Inc.

November, 2013

It is with great confidence that I put forward this letter of recommendation. Mr Smith partnered with us from the start to help us meet the aesthetic goals of the project and our community, increasing the value of our homes and pride in our community. He has assisted us throughout the litigation process and helped get the final settlement. We relied upon Mr. Smith’s and his company’s expertise during the deposition and trial process, all at no charge to the Association.

The Association awarded them the stucco project; an $8.5 million job. We were unsure if the residents would be able to stay during the construction. To their credit, no residents were required to move out during the process. There was genuine concern for the safety of our residents and any disruption they would feel.

They have demonstrated their thorough knowledge of construction and their ability to streamline the process. They have worked side-by-side, full-time on a daily basis with our engineer, Falcon Engineering. They have had complete control over every facet of the construction process from day one. They have had a superb construction manager work on-site on a full-time basis. There has been open communication throughout the construction process. They have held weekly meetings to provide the Board with job updates. They were honest and straightforward with the progress.

In the midst of the stucco project, Hurricane Sandy hit. The Association suffered serious damage. They were the first on-site to ensure the safety of our residents. They turned off the required electric, moved the debris to enable Township vehicles passage and did a substantial part of the cleanup within 48 hours. Even with Hurricane Sandy, their excellent management of the project has enabled us to expect its completion one year earlier than planned and within budget.

They have demonstrated their commitment to building a lasting relationship with us.


Roy Sheptinsky
Renaissance on the Ocean, Inc.
Riviera Drive Long Branch, NJ 07740

BriarwoodCoachlight Association

To Whom It May Concern:

On March 30, 2008, a building containing 10 condominiums was destroyed in a fire. Mr. Smith met with myself and other Board Members of the Briarwood-Coachlight Association on March 31 and discussed the rebuilding of the gutted building. From day one, Mr. Smith gave the Board a general idea of the time and detail necessary to move ahead with the project.

Myself and other Board Members met with Mr. Smith and his subcontractors on a weekly basis, discussing the progress of the work. I, personally, was impressed with his honesty and straightforwardness and of his daily control of every facet of the construction.

Mr. Smith interfaced repeatedly with the insurance adjuster and to summarize the success of the project. The Association came under the cost estimate of less than $200.

Would I recommend Mr. Smith again should the same unfortunate fire damage any structures in the community? Absolutely, without any qualms or concerns. I speak for our Board of Directors as well as myself. Should you wish to discuss the project with me personally, I can be reached.


William J. Clinton
BriarwoodCoachlight Association